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Farm Insurance Coverage

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You may call it your farm or ranch, but it’s more than that. It’s your home, your living and your way of life. In today’s society, agriculture is constantly evolving.

Our goal at Ordner Insurance is to help you obtain the most comprehensive protection available at the best price. No matter how small or large your farm is, we have different options to best suit your individual needs. Let Ordner Insurance protect your land-based legacy.

With years of experience covering the buildings, crops and equipment that have kept dreams alive and our nation fed, we’ll find you a policy that is unique to your needs and works as hard as you do.

Equine Farm Specialty

At Ordner Insurance we also specialize in the specific needs of a horse or equine facility. Having horses comes with unique exposures that can pose problems for traditional insurance coverages.

The typical homeowners policies tend to be quite restrictive in how they treat horses and other large animals.
Ordner insurance will help you obtain Equine Liability insurance for the unique liability exposures that come with owning, training, breeding, boarding horses, providing riding instructions, therapeutic equine activities, shows, and any other commercial equine activity. We can help answer those difficult questions that come with the liability of owning horses.

To learn more about farm insurance contact us to set up a Farm Insurance Consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Farm insurance protects farmers against risks to their specific farming operations. No two farm policies are the same. They are customized to meet the agriculture needs of the farmer.

If you own your farm and seek farm insurance, your policy will probably include the following coverages:

  1. Your home (dwelling) and its contents, these coverage will be similar to those in a standard homeowners policy
  2. Farm buildings and structures
  3. Farm “personal” property, items possibly included are farm machinery, grain, livestock, hay, and farm tools
  4. Personal and farm liability coverage to protect you legally against damages caused to someone else or their property
  5. Medical payments to others coverage for if you are liable to pay medical bills for someone who is hurt or injured on your property.
  6. Possibly blanket coverage for some farming equipment or tools, if chosen
  7. Pollution liability

If you rent your farm and live on it, having farm insurance can provide all the protections of a typical owner’s policy, except the dwelling house structure. The home’s contents may still be covered. In this instance, you will be insuring your personal property and liability, not the structures.

We understand that your herd or animals are a huge asset to your farm. Each situation is different with unique needs. Standard coverage for an entire herd may be what is needed against basic perils of the herd. In other instances such as with a prize bull or expensive show horses, a livestock mortality or equine mortality policy may be more in order for individual animals. Our agents can assist you further with these questions and help you determine what type of livestock coverage you need.

At Ordner Insurance, we specialize in providing our clients with carriers that offer coverages for a variety of equine activities and exposures. Some examples include: saddle animals leased or owned by the insured; equine operations, including boarding, training, riding instruction, clinics, and horse sales: horse shows and equestrian events, riding clubs: therapeutic riding operations; professional liability; incidental commercial business exposures, among others.

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