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Major Medical coverage extends the coverage of a basic mortality policy. Major medical insurance offers different levels of coverage to ensure that your horse receives the best level of care if he were to suffer from disease, injury, or sickness during the policy period. Major medical also provides excess coverage over the emergency colic surgery. Contact one of our agents to learn more about different plans and levels.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The cost of obtaining equine insurance is minimal when compared to how costly a major illness, injuries, colic surgery, death, or a lawsuit can be. Typical policies will probably cost you less than the expenses of a weekend horse show.

Mortality coverage for a horse is similar to life insurance for people. It will cover your horse should it die or need to be euthanized due to illness, disease, accident, injury, theft, or  transportation anywhere in the continental USA or Canada. It also provides some coverage for colic. 

Major medical & Surgical coverages can be added to a mortality policy to help protect you and your horse from financial hardship attempting to cure an illness or injury. Too often, a horse is injured, or colics, therefore requiring expensive surgery which would save its life. However, due to the unexpected nature and cost, this isn’t always possible, and ends with the horse suffering or dying.

Unfortunately, there’s really no good way to answer this question without requesting a quote. Premiums will vary depending on the breed and age of the horse, the value of the horse, the use, etc. Extended coverages are available for major medical/surgical coverage, as well as loss of use, infertility, or named perils. Contact one of our agents. We can quickly give guidance pertaining to costs.

To be covered in this instance, you may want to consider Private Horseowner’s Liability insurance. This coverage protects you should your horse cause damage to a person or property (if, for instance, they kicked an innocent bystander) by providing payments for bodily injury, property damage, and/or legal defense.

A recently purchased horse can be insured for its purchase price, but typically not more than that amount.

Yes, the submission of a substantiation of value form to your carrier documenting your horse’s competition record, breeding record, or professional training fees, should be sufficient to increase the value of your horse above the purchase price paid as long as your underwriter agrees that the amount you are requesting is reasonable.

When dealing with young homebred horses, most carriers determine the value of the horse by multiplying the horse’s sire’s stud fee at three times of that value. As the horse obtains training fees and a performance record, your agent can assist you with the process of increasing the value of the horse.

There is some variation of age coverage from carrier to carrier, but we do have access to carriers that provide coverage from 24 hours old to 20 years old.

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